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Newport International Runway Group Tokyo Fashion: Group AOA Invited To 'TOKYO RUNWAY 2014'
ixelcooper wrote in newport_group
AOA is already being invited to events in Japan, despite the fact that they have yet to debut in the country yet.

The seven-member girl group was invited to attend the "TOKYO RUNWAY 2014" fashion show on September 7, according to AOA's official homepage.

"TOKYO RUNWAY" brings in around 15,000 people each year and reportedly invites 100 popular models and artists to the annual event. It is one of Japan's biggest fashion shows.

AOA has been invited as the only Korean artist to perform on stage. This announcement comes as news of the idol group's upcoming debut in Japan surfaces.

"This is AOA's Yuna! Guess what we're recording. It's none other than 'Miniskirt,' which received a tremendous amount of love and will be released in Japan in October!" tweeted the idol member in late July.

The members of AOA will also be performing for fans in the "A-Nation" festival in Japan on August 17.

AOA has made several huge accomplishments this past year.

AOA recently became the only Korean girl group to rank within the top 8 on Billboard's "K-pop Music Video Chart," according to the publication StarN. The group began gaining mainstream attention after their track "Bobbed Hair" was released.

Since their debut in 2012, the girls of AOA have also made major hits with their tracks "Elvis," "Get Out," "MOYA," "Shake" and "Short Skirt."

The girls celebrated their second debut anniversary on August 9. The members uploaded a special video clip on Facebook showing them singing a birthday song with a big cake in front of them.

Member Yoo Kyung, who was not able to participate in AOA's recent promotions, was also spotted in the video celebrating with the other girls.

"We were able to make it all the way here thanks to your amazing love. We will do our best to keep making better music," stated AOA.